Lead Selenide Market to Receive overwhelming hike in Revenues by 2018 – 2028


Lead Selenide Market: Introduction

Lead selenide is available from either natural or synthetic sources of production. The natural source of lead selenide is a mineral called clausthalite. Lead selenide can be synthetically derived from the chemical reactions of lead and selenium.

The lead selenide market can be segmented on the basis of forms of lead selenide availability, which include ingot, powder and wafer, among others. Lead selenide can perform efficiently at low temperatures without the need of a coolant and is popular for its semiconducting properties. For this reason, lead selenide finds extensive applications as a semiconductor material in thermoelectric devices, infrared detectors and in the production of photoconductive films. Lead selenide-based detectors are advanced tools that are used for gas analysis, hot spot detection, spectrometry, pyrometry and other defense applications. Furthermore, the availability of lead selenide in different grades widens its applications in other industries such as the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Lead Selenide Market: Dynamics

Lead Selenide Market: Drivers

The growth of the global lead selenide market can be attributed to the increasing applications of lead selenide-based infrared detectors across the world. Infrared detectors are used in places such as airports, railway stations, malls, museums and almost every other place that needs to be guarded and secured. Moreover, the demand for lead selenide-based infrared detectors is higher for military applications. This increased demand for lead selenide based infra-red detectors has led to the growth of the lead selenide market in terms of production capacity, growth in imports & exports and an improvised distribution channel. These factors are driving the overall lead selenide market.

Lead Selenide Market: Restraints

The presence of only a few market participants, especially manufacturers, in the lead selenide market is one of the factors restraining the growth of the lead selenide market. This is also providing opportunities for the growth of other semiconducting materials such as lead sulfide, lead telluride and others.

Lead Selenide Market: Trends

The lead selenide market is trending with the launch of new and innovative lead selenide-based consumer products, especially products that use the semiconducting properties of lead selenide more efficiently. Manufacturers of these consumer products are focusing on using new technologies, such as VPD PbSe technology, which is helping them manufacture cost-effectively while maintaining high quality.

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Lead Selenide Market: Participants

Only a limited number of companies are involved in the manufacturing of lead selenide, and this presents lucrative growth opportunities to new players owing to reduced competition. Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global lead selenide market are American Elements and Career Henan Chemical Co. These companies are engaged in the manufacturing of lead selenide. Alfa Aesar, MTI Corporation, Absco Materials and Goodfellow Group, among others, are some of the key suppliers or distributors of the global lead selenide market.

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