CarrierWeb is purchased by I.D. Systems and Gains Consumer Base


A prominent player in the industry who offers Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology, enterprise asset management, I.D. Systems recently purchased the assets that are based in the United States of CarrierWeb, who is a provider of telematics and is based out of Atlanta. The firm offers trailer tracking, electronic logging devices, real-time in-cab mobile communications technology, & two-way refrigerated command & control. The firm’s assets that are based out of the United States will be combined with I.D. Systems logistics visibility solutions group known as PowerFleet for Logistics. Purchase ended on 30th January 2019.

Due to the purchase, I.D. Systems is introducing a total of nine thousand new subscribers to the platform. The purchase enables the firm to provide a complete complement of excellent solutions related to logistics technology to its present aspirants & consumers. It also immediately introduces over seventy consumers, which includes Customized Distribution Division of foodservice industry leader Performance Food Group (PFG).

I.D. Systems’ Chief Executive Officer, Chris Wolfe stated that CarriweWeb’s resources match with their expansion strategy and enhancing their position in the value chain of fleet management. Moreover, the purchase is additive as it lets them to sell fully telematics solutions, with increased monthly revenues, including dry van, containers, in-cab, & refrigerated trailers to I.D. Systems’ present consumers as well as future ones, whom they couldn’t cater to in the past. The said deal lets them to cater to what their customers & industry have been demanding for – a complete combined offering.

Both the firms provide services which are complimentary which enables for an incomparable single source of fleet management tracking technology. The solutions of CarrierWeb will be collaborated in I.D. Systems’ now introduced range of logistics telemetry solutions that encompasses a suite of interoperable sensors, an image-based cargo visibility detector, and an innovative voice-user interface. These strong technological platforms improved I.D. Systems monitoring, reporting, & tracking capabilities to offer supply chain stakeholders, freight transportation providers, and shippers with strong insights to take quick & intelligent decisions.

The firm’s patented technology is formulated to improve handling transportation workflow, simplify data operations & mobile communications management. Its main product offerings provide a wide variety of solutions for refrigerated trailer, truck, driver management & handling, and dry trailer.

I.D. Systems is dedicated to the development of future & blending of CarrierWeb technology platform. In 2018, Norm Thomas started working with I.D. Systems and is now leading the latest PowerFleet for Logistics segment. Prior to this firm, he worked with PeopleNet, wherein Norm handled software engineering & integration technology & professional services. In the past, Norm worked at CarrierWeb as a senior executive and spent over a decade at U.S. Xpress working in several senior positions, which also includes Chief Technology Officer.

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