Esports Ventures LLC Invests in We Are Nations


We Are Nations, which is an Esports products firm has recently disclosed the termination of a funding round. Due to which, Esports Venutures LLC have put in money in the firm as it looks forward to expand its operations in Europe. In 2020, the firm is planning to witness a Series A funding round.

The correct amount of investment has not been revealed and the extra capital will be utilized by We Are Nations to expand new activity of enterprising with the help of its current channels, and also boosting merchandise availability it generates into non-endemic retail channels off and on line.

Esports Ventures LLC’s Managing Partner, Dan Cardell in a statement spoke about the investment. He stated that We Are Nations has a good reputation in the esports merchandising industry & is famous internationally as well as across the United States. They feel that now is the right time to work together to increase their excellent growth direction.

A venture capital group, Esports Ventures LLC, which is directed by Managing Partner, Dan Cardell, who became part of the board of the merchandise firm after the round. He is also a part of the venture capital firm Independence Equity & artificial intelligence firm Ascent Robotics.

We Are Nations’ CEO Patrick Mahoney stated that he was introduced to Dan Cardell in 2018 by Trenton Pierson, their SVP of Strategy, and he right away understood that he wanted to get into a partnership with Dan. Patrick further stated that Dan’s realistic conventional experience in business integrated with his readiness to become a part of an upcoming industry was essential to them.

In 2018 May, over one million was raised by We Are Nations in a venture round. The merchandise firm is presently responsible for fixing up the teams that participate in Riot Games’ LCS. In January, a conversation with Patrick Mahoney took place, in which the firm’s recent ventures which includes the LCS partnership was discussed.

Recently, the firm also disclosed the purchase of Sector Six, a clothing brand which was formerly in possession of Infinite Esports & Entertainment. They are planning to increase its reach beyond North America, initially commencing with Europe.

An insider of Esports stated that We Are Nations has done an excellent job in introducing novel events & teams to its partners’ list & lately it purchased a reputed clothing firm. Together with the news of funding, it is quite clear to notice that people behind the firm have clear growth visions in the future.

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