Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% during the forecast period

Push-To-Talk over Cellular Market

Push to talk (PTT), which is a method of instant communication frequently being employed in the wireless cellular phone services which uses a button for the purpose of switching a device from the voice transmission mode to the voice reception mode. Operation of phones which are being used in this format is analogous to the walkie talkie use. Push to talk switches the phone from the full duplex mode, where both the parties can hear each other at the same time, to half duplex mode, where only one party can communicate at a single go. Numerous parties in the conversation can also be included.

All the major wireless service providers are nowadays rolling out the different versions of this service, which is been in the wide use by the Nextel in construction and telecommunication industries for couple of years. These modern versions of PTT, which at times described by the name of  “Push To Talk over Cellular” (PoC), are mainly based on the 2.5G or the 3G packet-switched network using the form of Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP) based upon the SIP & RTP protocols instead of the iDEN. While the current standards only allows the users to talk to others within the proprietary of cell phone networks, future cooperation between the companies & agreement on different standards may actually allow interoperability in between handsets on differing carriers.

Based on industry, the push-to-talk over cellular market is being further sub segmented into public safety & security, construction, energy & utility, transportation & logistics, defense, travel & hospitality, and others. Rising demand for push-to-talk over cellular for public safety & security applications and advancements in the mobile communication technologies are some of the major market drivers acting as a catalyst for the growth of the public safety and security subsegment. In addition, the presence of next-generation wireless networks and the deployment of 5G network across the globe are also some of the key factors driving the push-to-talk over cellular market.

As per the Research Report Insights analyst the prominent players in the market of push-to-talk over cellular vendors are expected to reach new heights in the forecast period. Major key participants in the global push-to-talk over cellular market report include AT&T, Inc.; Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.; Verizon; MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS; Kyocera Corporation; Mobile Tornado; Sprint Corporation; Bell Canada; Simoco Wireless Solutions; Sonim Technologies Inc.; and Telo Systems.

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