Volocopters Pave Way for Passenger Drones


Nowadays, drones are so popular across the world that everyone is aware of it. However, flying passenger drones will definitely make someone wonder. Now, with the launch of first passenger drone, that Jetsons-style future finally seems to be here.

In Germany, the Volocopter made its introductory passenger flight in the previous month inside an exhibition hall. Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel was the first passenger to board on the Volocopter. He praised the invention stating, it was fantastic experience and was the great flight he ever had.

The structure of the Volocopter is similar to helicopter and can be piloted on board or by the means of remote. The drones are primarily designed for safe and stable flight and to be utilized to scamper around the skies above the world’s largest cities. The major idea behind these Volocopters is, these are built with lots of redundancy – meaning that even after number of things go wrong, these can still fly in the air.

The manufacturers stated that Volocopter leverages Intel technology and smooth flight is enabled by number of microprocessors monitoring the environment for winds, turbulence, etc. and delivering signals in milliseconds to rotors. The rotors are capable of reacting to the signals and performing the slightest adjustment quickly using its battery-operated electric motors. The Volocopters are powered entirely by electricity and can fly for nearly 30 minutes at the moment within a range of 17 miles.

Advantages of Using Volocopter

 Volocopter have already gained permission to fly in Germany and has conducted number of test flights without passenger in Dubai as well. The company’s dream is to create a world, where every human being can personally fly their own Volocopter. This will help major cities ease their traffic problems. One can fly over inaccessible areas to capture photos or for any reason. If one wanted to shoot aerial view of any lake, sea or forest, Volocopter can easily do it with perfection. These are also helpful for shoot of a movie.

The Volocopter can fly completely autonomously also it can easily be operated by the use of joystick and assistive system for support. The incredibly quiet feature of these machines and their advantage in incorporating state-of-art components for optimizing the acoustic signature will keep them in vogue. The Volocopter doesn’t run on a combustion engine and are 100% electric vehicles, therefore no fuels are utilized for running its engines and does not produce any direct emissions.

Cons of Volocopter

Volocopters are the first green helicopters, however these can fly only for 30 minutes, which is the key drawback as fuel-operated helicopters can fly for more than 4 hours and comparatively for longer distance. Electric batteries needs more time to recharge and therefore Volocopters need more time to be on their way. However, this can be overcome by keeping spare batteries. Electric batteries are far less efficient, when it comes to weight, so Volocopters cannot be used for transportation of heavy goods. Such type of helicopters are harder to fir when things go wrong. However, despite of these cons, Volocopters will be available in the market over next 12 months.

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