US State Attorney- Generals Petition EPA on Asbestos Reporting Rule

US State

Recently, over twelve state attorney-generals have asked the EPA to form an asbestos reporting rule to be included under section 8 of TSCA. On January 31, 2019, TSCA section 21 petition was sent, which has asked the agency to start a regulation to deal with inadequacies in the current chemical data reporting (CDR) rule for asbestos.

Particularly, they have asked EPA take on a novel asbestos reporting rule, which:

Needs informing of the substance’s used in articles.

Blocks exceptions, which is present in the CDR for spontaneously occurring impurities & substances.

Increases the reporting needs to processors of asbestos.

It is essential, they demanded the EPA to adhere to its mandate to organize risk evaluations for asbestos under section six of TSCA & to take on guidelines to deal with arbitrary risk which may affect the climate as well as the health of humans.

Attorneys stated that it would be an essential tool to offer to the public and state access to data, which may be essential for escaping possible hazardous exposures to products that contain asbestos.

Earlier, a group of non-governmental organization submitted a similar petition, which was rejected by EPA. Hence, now the attorneys have submitted a petition.

In response, agency informed petitioners that they know about the continuous asbestos use & will have the information which would be received by the EPA, if they were to change the demands of the CDR.

It further added that petition was to be given, they are not in a position to establish new rule & gather data in the specified time to report its evaluation of risk. The top ten risk evaluations included in the reformed TSCA, in which asbestos is one of them, should be finished by December, with probably a 6 month extension.

Nevertheless, attorneys have mentioned in their petition that it is essential to public health that EPA takes into account the potential exposures & remove the pathways.

Attorneys further added responding to NGO petitioners that the aforementioned goals are difficult to be achieved. If EPA doesn’t have the important detailed information related to the producer & asbestos usage in the United States on which to act – information which presently EPA is not gathering under the CDR, as EPA acknowledges.

Attorneys from fourteen different states registered the petition, which includes, Oregon, Washington, California & Massachusetts and also the District of Columbia. The agency can deny or grant the petition in three months.

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