Prague Airport Opens New Commercial Zone in Terminal 2


Recently, Prague airport has announced that they have started a new commercial zone, which occupies approximately 2,200 sqm in Terminal two. This new zone which is situated after the checkpoint of security, has self-service restaurant with places to sit, and also six retail units. Later on, they will also add a corner for kids.

At the same time, a portion of the Terminal two departure hall’s not restricted area in front of the checkpoint for security will be utilized for a waiting area for people with disabilities and for service desks.

The latest commercial area is because of the increasing number of passengers and it represents the largest-ever extension of the retail area of Terminal two. Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, Václav Řehoř stated that considering the airport’s long-term plan, the latest commercial center of Terminal two will assist Prague Airport to cater to the increasing number of passengers. It also provides an interesting and unique range of products, offering passengers with a variety of products to choose from and also cater to their comfort, while they are eating & shopping.

The latest shops have 3 fashion boutiques, a Hamleys toy store, a Rituals cosmetics store, The Fashion Place, and a store providing Italian purses by Coccinelle. Restaurant that offers a different concept of market, is handled by Swiss Marché International chain that already runs two stores located in Terminal one.

CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail Czech Republic, Richard Procházka, stated that they are excited to take part in starting a new commercial area in Terminal two. The collection of accessories & garments by The Fashion Place stores was designed keeping in mind of the demands of the passengers of Terminal two. Along with Rituals, it will properly balance the current offers on terminal.

Fashion Place stores have high-estemeed brands such as Superdry, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Boss. Director of Operations of Hamelys, Daniel Chytil stated that the latest Hamleys store started at Václav Havel Airport in Prague is the first store located in Central Europe and they are excited to start it in Prague. He further added that the travel arrangement is different from their typical stores in the type of products they offer. In spite the store’s size, Hamley’s travel arrangement has the special ambience of Hamley’s stores, where the fun starts but never ends.

The amount of commercial stores in Prague’s airport has increased to 114 with latest restaurant and stores. The variety & quality of products & services, references & experience of the applicant, design of the store were some of the prominent standard for choosing the tenants. The rent provided was only one-third of the decision-making criteria.

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