MYLAPS and Golazo Sports Netherlands Enter Into a Partnership


MYLAPS & Golazo Sports Netherlands recently entered into a partnership by signing a 3 year deal to provide excellent experiences in digital sports to fans and athletes. As part of the agreement, all the Golazo events fans & participants in Netherlands, will witness MYLAPS technology, which will assist to assure the new advancements in the domain of digital live experiences & automated timekeeping.

Events of Golazo that take place in Netherlands are NN CPC Loop Den Haag, NN Marathon Rotterdam, and ASML fueled Marathon Eindhoven. A Dutch firm called MYLAPS Sports Timing, with offices located in Malaysia, United States of America, China, Japan, & Australia specializes in live performance insights & automated sports timing. MYLAPS products & platforms are used by Golazo Sports Netherlands ahead, while & following every single event.

The interaction of technology commences with the process of registration & is further demonstrated while event is on, with live & timekeeping services like social media integrations & LiveTracking in cell phone applications. Following the race insights & results are disclosed on MYLAPS Sporthive.

Golazo Sports Netherlands’ CEO Mario Kadiks stated that at Golazo, their aim is to foster emotion & passion in their projects. They want everybody to take part in sports activity, which is done by organizing sports event and also programs related to promotion of sports. In order to offer their fans & participants the best experience in sports, they utilize the latest technology. They are confident that this helps to take their activities to a novel rank altogether.

MYLAPS Event Timing’s Manager Arno Kempenaar stated that in the year 1995, Netherlands’ debut event that has automated chip timing for every participants was the Rotterdam Marathon. Currently, more than twenty million athletes & racers every year participate in MYLAPS-timed contests right from IndyCar, Olympics, major marathons to several events across the world.

He further added that they have been associated with Golazo Netherlands over several years and it consistently has been a good experience. The firm has the expertise to organize events related to sports & they are aware of the requirements of their sponsors, participants, and fans. With their solution offerings, they are satisfied to do their work.

In the year 2014, Golazo Sports & many Dutch firms came together in Golazo Sports Netherlands with offices located in Groningen, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. With the help of the latest venture, prominent events related to running such as Singelloop Utrecht, NN Marathon Rotterdam, NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML, and the Ladiesrun Rotterdam are all backed by Golazo firm.

Currently, participants in all the Dutch events are 240,000 and Golazo reveals that there is a lot of space for upcoming events.

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