Indian Oil says Iran has not Ruled Out Participating in Chennai Petroleum Expansion


Indian Oil Corp Ltd, India’s largest refiner stated on Wednesday that Iran might still invest in a refinery development project at its notable subsidiary.

Sanjiv Singh, chairman of Indian Oil’s indicated that Iran has not precluded taking part in the development of Chennai Petroleum Corp Ltd(CPCL). The refinery is a southern India-established 20,000 bpd (barrels per day) refinery.

Iran’s involvement has been questioned next to India holding back its Iranian crude oil imports abiding by U.S. economic sanctions against the Persian Gulf nation.

Conversely, Singh’s remark was delivered a couple of days later India let off rupee payments to the NIOC (National Iranian Oil Co) for crude oil imports from an upholding tax.

The discharge would let Indian refiners to clear up around $1.5 BN of due payments to NIOC by direct rupee payments.

It is anticipated that these outlays can aid Iran put into Indian projects, mainly the Chennai Petroleum Corp development.

CPCL intends to invest nearly $5.1 billion (356.98 billion rupees) for expansion and modernization and to substitute the 20,000 bpd Nagapattinam plant in Southern Tamil Nadu state.

Subsequent to the US re-imposed complete economic sanctions in opposition to Iran commencing November 5, 2018, India is compensating its third-biggest crude oil provider in rupees. These payments are made to NIOC’s UCO Bank account.

The Swiss subordinate of National Iranian Oil Company, Naftiran Intertrade, accounts for a 15.4% share in Chennai Petroleum, whereas Indian Oil has around 52% share.

Singh indicated in the elaborated feasibility report for the development is still to be planned and is likely to be finished by June.

Officials indicated that the CPCL intends to attain financial closure of the refinery development in 2019. It moreover intends to make a petrochemicals refinery of around 475,000 tonnes p.a. capacity.

CPCL, previously called as Madras Refineries Ltd, was constituted as a subsidiary in 1965 amid the NIOC, AMOCO, and Government of India. CPCL refineries make petrol, LPG, kerosene, diesel, aviation turbine fuel (ATF), naphtha, lube base stocks, bitumen, paraffin wax, hexane, fuel oil, along with petrochemical feedstocks.

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