Coca-Cola–Ioniqa Agreement to Help Hard-to-Reuse PET


The US contract stretches out a loan to Dutch firm Ioniqa to encourage the improvement of Ioniqa’s proprietary innovation to create high grade reused PET content from hard to reuse PET waste.

It permits packages, for example, colored PET bottles which might have been rejected from a few recycling streams, to be reused into food grade quality packaging.

Ioniqa has built up a restrictive reusing innovation that can change over hard to recycle PET-containing waste such as colored bottles to refined polymer building blocks which could be later re-shaped into great PET.

The chief innovation officer of Coca-Cola Company, Robert Long, recently stated that the company’s interest in pioneering as well as new recycling technologies is a prospect for huge development toward shutting the loop in addition to making a circular economy for PET.

CEO of Ioniqa, Tonnis Hooghoudt, further added that confederating with The Coca-Cola Company is a further approval of the company’s journey to present this extraordinary procedure for changing hard to reuse PET-waste to top notch food grade material. The Ioniqa procedure takes into account huge recuperation and reuse of plastic materials which may some way or another not be reused while conveying quality food grade PET. The initiation of the company’s plant one year from now will be a stage change in the shift of hard to reuse PET plastic into a more broadly usable reused material and backing Coca-Cola’s vision.

During December 13, 2018, the beverage giant declared the agreement drawing out a loan to The Netherlands, Ioniqa Technologies to help the growth of Ioniqa’s proprietary technology to make high grade, reused PET content. The deal is planned to stimulate the growth and preparation of high grade recycled content PET for employ in bottles utilized by The Coca-Cola Company.

The deal is aimed to speed up the upgrade of Ioniqa’s recycling expertise for PET. The technology has been formalized at the presentation scale with value chain collaborators, as well as a 10 kMT industrial plant in The Netherlands has been under construction for commissioning in the year 2019.

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