AIG and Clearwater: A Productive Partnership for Investment Data Management


Recently, American International Group Inc. has declared about its partnership with Clearwater Analytics® with a mission of implementing more advanced technological stratagems to the investment data management of global insurance organization.

A computerized software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Clearwater has reported that AIG would be receiving an extremely expanded, cloud-based software platform owing to the daily assets of more than $2.2 trillion. Additionally, this platform would be offering daily resigned investment portfolio facts, reporting tools and accounting entries. More than $250 billion of AIG in equity investments, loans of residential mortgage and fixed income safeties will be maintained by the data management system.

AIG and Clearwater Pact: Objectives 

The Deputy Chief Financial Officer at AIG, Elias Habayeb’s has quoted his statement on the partnering with Clearwater with a goal of supporting the objectives and strategies on investment of AIG. He said that this pact would be permitting them for any further transferal of focus from gathering data to studying them. Furthermore, with platform’s expandability and expertise of Clearwater, they would be enthusiastic to take this influential action for the promotion of operational efficacy and technological brilliance.

The Chief Executive Officer of Clearwater Analytics, Dave Boren has uttered about the establishment of Clearwater which is a concentrated platform of investment data management. This platform nurtures various approaches and asset classes of investment with the suggestion of suppleness and greater freedom to AIG for the settlement of this organization’s future growth. In addition to these, he has mentioned that the automated solution of Clearwater could support efforts of future integration due to acquisitions, mergers and extra growth stratagems. Moreover, AIG would be a usual fit for the platform of Clearwater and would be envisioning for a productive and long association between these two firms.

Company Overview

A leading global insurance organization, American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is well-known as a marketing name for life and retirement facility, worldwide property-casualty and overall insurance operations. Ranging from life insurance, property causality insurance to retirement products and other economic services to consumers are the main facilities delivered by the IG member companies in more than 80 countries. With these miscellaneous assistances for both services and products, AIG supports both individuals and businesses to manage sudden risks, to preserve their assets and to offer security after retirement.

The other US-based organization, Clearwater Analytics® settles, sums up and reports on more than $2.2 trillion assets through thousands of accounts on a daily basis. It’s been more of a period that Clearwater has been assisting many companies like- Cisco, Wilton Re., J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Mutual of Omaha, Arch Capital Group, Facebook, Oracle and many more. Clearwater is efficient and successful in streamlining their accounting and investment set-ups.

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