Technological developments majorly fueling Global Angiography Devices Market


World Health Organization (W.H.O) has identified cardiac arrest as one of the major causes of death across the world.  The strong prevalence of cardiovascular diseases is yearning researchers to bring a reliable measure to help combat the fear. Angiography is a vigorous medical procedure used by the medical professional to detect blockages of blood vessels in non-coronary diseases.  The entire process is performed with the help of angiography devices. It helps in the visualization of blood vessels and body organs, primarily the arteries, veins and heart. The market of global angiography devices market is highly influenced with the increasing number of cardiovascular diseases, growing geriatric population, favorable government regulations, rising obesity rates, technological development, and preference of fast-food, among others.

Technological contribution in the growth of global angiography devices market

Technology plays a vital role in fueling global angiography devices market. The development of FFR-CT imaging technique to determine coronary segments in the blood flow helps manufacturers save on device manufacturing. Apart from this, digitalization of angiography devices helps decrease the dependency of experienced professionals to perform relevant procedures. All these factors are ultimately resulting in low cost treatment. Apart from technology, rising awareness about angiography and increasing government investments in medical imaging technologies are few other factors fuelling growth of the global angiography devices market.

Increasing Prevalence of Diseases Contributes to growth in Angiography Devices Market

A significant increase in senior citizens, increasing prevalence of cardiovascular chronic diseases, increasing government initiatives to improve healthcare, rising technological developments, growing awareness about diseases among the people, and favorable reimbursement policies, are the major drivers of global angiography devices market. Moreover significant improvements occurring in the medical insurance sector through important economies are rapidly driving the angiography devices market, thus priming it for a prosperous future. In addition to this, a rapid increase in people with obesity across the world, unhealthy food habits, significant launches by various leading players, medical reimbursement, and improvements in healthcare sector are some of the other key factors intensifying demand in global angiography devices market.

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Factors posing challenge on global angiography devices market

The lucrativeness of the global angiography devices market is hindered by several prominent factors like lack of health insurance cover, strict government regulations, high cost of angiography, and poor reimbursement policies for end-users. These are some of the major factors inhibiting growth in the global angiography devices market. Key players in the global angiography devices market are strategically planning to combat their rivals and increase the lucrativeness of the global angiography devices market.

Competitive dynamics of global angiography devices Market

North America hold the largest market for angiography devices owing to the better healthcare infrastructure like increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, rising healthcare expenditure, and improved healthcare infrastructure in the region. The angiography devices market in Asia Pacific is likely to experience high growth rate in the next few years. This is owing to increasing number of senior citizens, developing healthcare infrastructure, and increasing disposable income in the region.

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