Extensive Applications of Cell Culture to be Beneficial for Growth of the Cell Culture Market


In 2018, Axol Bioscience, the human cell culture specialist, delivers highly authenticated primary cells and iPSC-derived cells composed with growth supplements. Launch of their Human iPSC-derived Atrial Cardiomyocytes for exploration and development of novel treatments. This launch will help to improve knowledge of cardiovascular diseases. It is quick and easy to use for electrophysiology and cardiac contractility study. Launch of these products will impress growth of the global cell culture market.

Cell culture is the process to remove the living cells from plant or animal and growth of these cells in a controlled and artificial environment. Trend of cell culture is rapidly being adopted in numerous industries mainly in pharmaceuticals. Thanks to these factors, the Transparency Market Research estimates that the global cell culture market was valued at US$13,000 mn in 2016 and it is expected to swell with a CAGR of 10.0% over the forecast period from 2017 to 2025.

Here are some of the points related to the market to enable stakeholders bet right on it.

  • Manufacturing biopharmaceuticals process involves application of cell culture systems with a unique method of product development. These product are difficult to be manufactured from a conventional process of development. Research and development (R&D) activity in the pharmaceutical field which concentrates to discovery of the new therapeutics of new mechanism of drug and increase the scope of the cell culture market.
  • Stem cell culture helps to standardization of drug production and boosts production of an extensive variety of cell lines and some products related to it. The conventional pharmaceutical therapeutics are helping in treatment of diseases. These stem cell therapies help in treating cause of the disease. These factors are driving the growth of the stem cell culture market in the near future.

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  • Cell culture has extensive applications in the numerous development of model systems and analysis of mechanism and cellular structure. The discovery of the drugs for the treatment of diseases, drug evaluation, stem cell research, and genetic engineering. This discovery involves in the production of biologics including vaccines, antibodies, and proteins. These products are creating lucrative opportunities for growth of the global cell culture market.
  • With increasing trend toward use of component-free mediums, animal-derived, and increasing adoption of chemically defined and specialty mediums. The global cell culture market for in order to gain significant growth in the near future. Automation in the cell culture systems are looking for more sophisticated instruments and equipment. This factor is anticipated to fuel the growth of the instruments segment in the upcoming years.
  • Regionally, Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the global cell culture market with a CAGR over the forecast period. Growth in the outsourcing activities and growth by biopharmaceutical manufacturers in the region are anticipated to drive the market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period.

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  • Some of the key players in the cell culture market are Sartorius AG, Eppendorf AG, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., GE Healthcare, Becton, Corning Incorporated, Dickinson and Company, Lonza, VWR International LLC, Merck KGaA, and PromoCell GmbH.

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