Wifi Advisor Market to Observe Strong Development by 2018 – 2028


Wi-Fi Advisor Market: Introduction

In today’s fast-paced life, mobility has become a very critical aspect of growth. People are inclining more towards devices and networks that provide them with high mobility to increase their productivity. This trend has led to increasing adoption of networks that provide wireless connectivity. One such network is Wi-Fi. The adoption of Wi-Fi has increased tremendously in recent years which driven the growth of Wi-Fi advisor in the market. A Wi-Fi advisor is a device that consists of an iPad application along with WFED test device.  The Wi-Fi advisor enables IT, technicians, to determine the testing approach and also helps them to do rapid characterization, optimization, and troubleshooting of the network. The iPad application in the Wi-Fi advisor has the ability to show an entire view of the real performance of Wi-Fi and thus can deliver information about the performance in an easily understandable way to the end customer. The demand for Wi-Fi advisor is increasing rapidly since it provides an easy approach to test and manage the highly fluctuating and vulnerable network.

Vendors in the Wi-Fi advisor market are focusing on integrating features that can enhance the quality of experience of the end user by reducing the repair time. A significant investment is being made to evolve and enhance the technology through extensive research and development. Increasing adoption of W-Fi and the increase in the number of smart devices are few of the key trends in the Wi-Fi advisor market.

Wi-Fi Advisor Market: Drivers and Restraints

The Wi-Fi Advisor helps to improve the quality of experience of a user, reduces the number of trouble calls and acknowledges user about true performance. The Wi-Fi advisor has the ability to assess a wide range of end-user device classes and provide test confirmation. These factors are significantly driving the adoption of Wi-Fi Advisor in the market thereby propelling the market growth. The Wi-Fi Advisor finds use in a wide range of application such as end-user education, troubleshooting, and optimization of Wi-Fi and service installation of wireless IPTV. The Wi-Fi Advisor also helps in mapping and analyzing the entire home Wi-Fi performance. Such factors are furthermore driving the adoption of Wi-Fi advisor in the global market.

The Wi-Fi Advisor technology is relatively new, and thus, people are unaware of the technology which lowers its adoption. Thus, lack of awareness amongst people is hampering the growth of Wi-Fi Advisor market. Also, the Wi-Fi Advisor is new and requires labor to be skilled for using the technology. Thus, lack of skilled labor is furthermore hampering the growth of Wi-Fi Advisor market.

Wi-Fi Advisor Market: Segmentation

The Wi-Fi Advisor market can be categorized on the basis of end-use, and industry verticals.  On the basis of end use, the adoption for Wi-Fi Advisor at enterprise is expected to rise exponentially due to increasing adoption of Wi-Fi at an enterprise level. On the basis of application, the demand for Wi-Fi Advisor is increasing in the site assessment, troubleshooting and optimization to ease the process of Wi-Fi testing.

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Wi-Fi Advisor market can be segmented on the basis of end use:

  • Home
  • Enterprise
  • Others

Wi-Fi Advisor market can be segmented on the basis of application:

  • Site Assessment
  • Educating Customers
  • Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Others

Wi-Fi Advisor Market: Regional Overview

The Wi-Fi Advisor market is segmented across North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, China, SEA & Pacific, Japan and MEA (Middle East & Africa). Europe is expected to be a large market for Wi-Fi Advisor as a majority of the Wi-Fi Advisor vendors such as Foss Fibre Optics s.r.o., Laser 2000 GmbH and ANEDiS GmbH are based in the region. Increasing demand for technologies that can help to enhance mobility is driving the adoption of Wi-Fi Advisor in North American countries, such as U.S. and Canada. The growing popularity of Wi-Fi Advisor in developing regions, such as Latin America, APEJ, and parts of Africa, is characterized by the increasing adoption of advanced technologies in the regions. Rising disposable income among people in the countries mentioned above is likely to increase the scope of penetration of Wi-Fi Advisor in these regions in the near future.

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Wi-Fi Advisor Market: Competitive Landscape

Examples of some of the key players operating in the Wi-Fi Advisor market are VIAVI Solutions Inc., Foss Fibre Optics s.r.o, Laser 2000 GmbH, ISATEL Electronic AG, AAATesters, AD INSTRUMENTS, ANEDiS GmbH and VoXR.

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