Stand-Up Pouches Market | Top Scenario, SWOT Analysis, Business Overview & Forecast 2026


In their latest report titled – “Stand-Up Pouches Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends Historic (2013-2017) and Forecast (2018 – 2026)” Transparency Market Research (TMR) delivers key insights on the consumption of a variety of stand-up pouches for applications in different end-use industries. According to TMR, the global stand-up pouches market is projected to register a CAGR of 5.4% during 2018-26, which is attributed to several factors, on which, the report provides thorough insights and forecast. The MEA stand-up pouches market is expected to witness a good CAGR value of 5.9%, during 2018-2026.

The report includes a market research study on the global stand-up pouches market, which includes market assessment and trend analysis of different product types i.e. Aseptic Stand-up Pouch, Retort Stand-up Pouch, Standard Stand-up Pouch, and Hot-Filled Stand-up Pouch.

TMR suggests that the high growth in consumption of food & beverages is expected to be the major driving force behind the growth of stand-up pouches globally. Suitability of stand-up pouches for packaging liquid products will create strong demand prospects in the market. Beverage companies are shifting their product packaging from metal cans to stand-up pouches due to low weight and good barrier properties of the latter. Stand-up pouches are also significantly cheaper than other packaging alternatives which, in turn, makes them a perfect choice for the packaging of low-to-medium range products.

Owing to their multiple-layer structure, the recyclability of these pouches becomes practically infeasible. Thus, the huge amount of resin and raw materials that enter into the production process of pouches remain unrecovered. The removal of various layers of lamination from slider zipper pouches require a special process which incurs additional cost, and may add to the landfill problems. Multinational packaging manufacturers in the global stand-up pouches market are planning to expand their market presence by venturing into untapped markets of the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. However, large proportion of the demand is still fulfilled by local manufacturers.

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Introduction of new design formats is expected to generate high demand for stand-up pouches in the global packaging industry. On the basis of product type, the aseptic stand-up pouches segment accounts for the largest market share due to growing brand awareness and consumer demand for hygienic products. Recycling of stand-up pouches is the key challenge in the stand-up pouches market. There are enormous growth opportunities in the global stand-up pouches market for the existing as well as new entrants. Strategic partnerships play an important role in establishing market-leading positions in any market. Private equity investors are planning to invest in the stand-up pouches market due to its extraordinary growth. Optimization of existing resources and increasing automation are the major trends observed in the market.

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