Sack Kraft Paper Market: A Hidden Story of Noteworthy Growth


The rising influx of sustainable packaging is driving growth of the sack kraft paper market. The market is witnessing a rise of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging materials, opening new doors of opportunities for the market. The growing environmental concerns and stringent regulations surrounding plastics is expected to open new avenues for the sack kraft paper market in the near future.

The global sack kraft paper is predicted to reach US$10.5 bn 20204 end. The market was evaluated at US$8.4 bn in 2015. It is estimated to register 2.6% CAGR growth during 2016-2024. The sack kraft paper market products were prominent in packaging and other applications due to their extensibility, printing, porosity, and durability. The papers are popular for their incredible high tensile strength, which is extremely valuable for its end-use applications like packaging products with high demands for strength and durability.

Construction Industry to Drive Growth for the Sack Kraft Paper Market

The growing construction industry in Asia Pacific is expected to drive significant growth for sack kraft paper market. Sack kraft paper’s application as a substitute to plastics in building multiwall paper sacks for cement is expected to drive its growth in the near future. Growing costs of constructions and stringent environmental regulations are forcing builders to try new materials to adapt to economic slowdowns. The sack kraft paper offers more benefits to maintain the quality of cement with filter-like offerings to provide de-aeration and high-filling speed.

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Shifting Consumer Priorities A Boon for The Sack Kraft Paper Market

Sack Kraft Paper Market products increasingly are increasingly moving away warehouses to retail stores. Growing environmental awareness among consumers, manufacturers, and stringent bans on plastics in many countries is driving this change. Sack kraft paper market products are usually bio-degradable and their high tensile strength is ideal for packaging a large variety of grocery products. Additionally, technological advancements in printing technology is making it easier for printing machine manufactures to label promotions on all kinds of materials. In the near future, the sack kraft paper market is expected to register significant growth as its hidden story of innovation and strength comes to light in view of the retail industry.

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