Rising Awareness about Eco-friendliness of Green Packaging open Lucrative Prospects


Green packaging is not mere a trend but has become a new normal in the packaging industries adopting sustainable solutions, as it has become largely synonymous with sustainable packaging. There has been growing worldwide awareness on reducing the landfill burden by packaging due to toxic emissions. Thus, the proposition of green packaging as an environmentally-friendly solutions has led to groundswell of interest among industry players and governments alike. Industry efforts are making relentless efforts to develop better-performing packaging solutions and overcome the constraints of conventional packaging. Such efforts are paving way to innovations in the green packaging industry.

The global green packaging market is witnessing vast prospects and several new avenues will emerge from the rapid research and development activities in this direction. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the market will reach a global worth of US$203.1 billion by the end of 2021.

Green Packaging scores high on Recyclability and Safety

Green packaging is witnessing rising demand in various industries, notably personal care, and food and beverages, and healthcare industries. Of these, food and beverages industry is likely to see widespread uptake of green packaging applications, owing to their safety quotient and eco-friendly nature. Consumers of packaged food products are showing increasing proclivity toward green packaging, owing to widespread awareness among them about the concerns of plastics pollution. The non-recyclability of synthetic packaging has compounded this awareness, thereby stoking the popularity of green packaging.

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In the light of aforementioned concerns, biodegradable and recyclable packaging has gathered substantial steam among consumers and manufacturers over the past few years. Furthermore, the trend is being fueled by governmental thrust on environmental-friendly packaging. However, the market has still not realized its potential. The lack of awareness in low- and middle-income countries is hindering its prospects.

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