Rail Drawbar Market 2028: Top Key Players NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION, Maco Corporation India Pvt. Ltd


Rail Drawbar Market: Introduction

Railroad drawbar is coupling which connect railway locomotive to the rolling stock and by which subsequent cars in a train are linked together. The rail drawbar is also installed to estimates slack action i.e amount of allowable movement of one railway car before it transfers its motion to an adjacent coupled car. Earlier, rail drawbar were basically chains connected with solid buffers to help absorb shock at the time of application of brakes, which was replaced by spring buffers connected with screw couplings that facilitate two bodies if brought together faces just touch, providing smooth starts and stops.

Rail Drawbar Market: Dynamics

Increasing urbanization and high demographic growth across the globe have developed the need to improved alternatives modes of local transport especially in tier-1 cities and it will positively impact the growth of the global rail drawbar market. Additionally, technological advancements in railways primarily in up gradation of speed and power such as high-speed train require an effective rail drawbar arrangement to hold the successive cars even at high speed, is expected to drives growth in the innovation in the rail drawbar market. Also, the campaign carried out by various organizations and government authorities to use local transport and avoid personal vehicle to reduce pollution and traffic are supporting the use of metro and monorails in the cities in turn is driving the rail drawbar market over the forecast period. In order to meet the transportation demand, government’s authorities of various countries are focusing on strengthening their railway networks by investing in expanding their railway network across their respective countries will impact the rail drawbar market positively over the forecast period

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Also, government initiatives to the partnership with local OEM manufacturers to save transportation cost and quick deployment of order to reduce lead time and increase efficiency in the production process are the main driving factor behind the growth of local rail drawbar manufacturers. On the other hand, there are some restraining factors hampering the growth of global rail drawbar markets such as the high initial cost of deployment and varying safety compliances and structure of rail drawbar for different regions.

Rail Drawbar Market: Segmentation

On the basis of type of train, the rail drawbar market can be segmented as:

Main Line train

Metro train

High speed train

Mono train

Freight train


On the basis of type of coupler, the rail drawbar market can be segmented as:

Screw Couplers

Instanter Couplers

Drophead Buckeye Couplers

Alliance Couplers

BSI Couplers

Tightlock Couplers

Scharfenberg Couplers

Semi-Permanent Couplers.


Rail Drawbar Market: Regional Outlook

In the transportation, industry railway has widened in the past decade and this trend is anticipated to continue throughout the forecast period leading to the growth of rail drawbar. Emerging economies with booming industrialization the development of railway network have also increased and are thus expected to generate high demand for rail drawbar during the forecast period. In terms of market share, North America and Western Europe are anticipated to dominate the rail drawbar market. Also, the Introduction of new projects in railways in North America and Western Europe is likely to boost the rail drawbar market in near future. Asia Pacific region is projected to show high growth in the rail drawbar market, owing to the presence of emerging economies such as China, India, and South Korea. Rest of the world is estimated to account for a relatively small share of the rail drawbar market.

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Rail Drawbar Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants operating across the value chain of the global rail drawbar market are:

Amsted Rail Company, Inc.


Les Appareils Ferroviaires (LAF-LLOYD)


PTG Workholding Limited

Dellner Couplers AB

Renold Plc

Titagarh Wagons Limited

D. Electrosteel Pvt. Ltd.

Schwab Verkehrstechnik AG


Maco Corporation India Pvt. Ltd

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