Polymerization Inhibitors Market Revenue Growth Defined by Heightened Product Innovation


Polymerization inhibitors are also known as polymerization retardants, polymerization controllers, polymerization suppressors and polymerization terminators among others. Polymerization inhibitors are specialty chemicals which are required to stabilize reactive monomers and prevent is from spontaneous polymerization process. Polymerization inhibitor slows down or stops the polymerization process by reacting with the growing-chain radicals or initiators. Polymerization inhibitors should be added in controlled amount to the reaction. Polymerization inhibitor is smaller quantities to reaction will lead to polymerization vessels and pipes. The polymerization in pipes and vessels require mechanical removal. In case, the polymerization inhibitor is added in excess amount, there will be difficulty in polymerization stage. Polymerization inhibitors are used for monomers of acrylic and styrene such as methyl methacrylate and styrene monomers among others. Polymerization inhibitors prevents temperature excursion due to exothermic polymerization. In addition, polymerization inhibitors prevent fouling as well as the upsurge of large amounts of polymer in the reaction. Polymerization inhibitors thus enable manufacturing and purification process to run easily. Polymerization inhibitors are classified on the basis of their efficiency and protection length. Compounds such as, hydroquinones, quinines, aromatic nitro compounds, amines, aromatic are used as polymerization inhibitors in the market.

The market for polymerization inhibitors was mainly driven by huge demand from manufacturing industries. Uncontrolled polymerization reactions has been major issue in the industry and polymerization inhibitors plays key role in the process. Polymerization inhibitors are used in various end-user industries such as petrochemical, resins, chemical intermediates among others. Polymerization inhibitors are used in manufacturing process of unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resins in order to control the polymerization reaction. Polymerization inhibitors are used in distillation process with lower vapor pressure. In composites industry, polymerization inhibitors are used for controlling the polymerization process. In chemical industry, polymerization inhibitors are used to suppress monomer reactions of vinyl acetate, ethylene and other chemicals. In spite of several applications, environmental regulations are anticipated to hamper the growth of the market in next few years to come.

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Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market for polymerization inhibitors in the next six years. The major reason for the growth is the increasing demand for polymerization inhibitors from emerging countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. China had the highest demand for polymerization inhibitors in Asia Pacific region due to higher demand from unsaturated polyester resin industry. Asia Pacific region was followed by North America. Growing demand from composites and petrochemical industry was the major factor behind driving the demand for polymerization inhibitors in this region. U.S. had the highest production and demand for polymerization inhibitors in North America. Europe had the third largest demand for polymerization inhibitors market in 2013. Countries from Western Europe region such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK are considered amongst the largest consumers of polymerization inhibitors in this region. Other European countries such as Russia, Sweden and Netherlands are likely to demonstrate optimistic future for the polymerization inhibitors market in foreseeable future. Rest of the World market is estimated to illustrate encouraging outlook for the polymerization inhibitors market in future. Latin America and the Middle East region are anticipated to show signs of higher demand for polymerization inhibitors in near future.

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Some of the key manufacturers in the polymerization inhibitors market are Addivant, Chemtura Corporation, Nufarm Limited, Nalco Company, Kawasaki Kasei Chemicals Co. Ltd., among others.

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