Poland to Support Agriculture Development in Uzbekistan


Uzbek delegation recently visited Poland with an aim to strengthen partnership and expand contacts with Poland, especially with the departments and companies in the agricultural and investment fields. During the meeting, Poland expressed support and readiness to assist the development of the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan.

The companies in Poland are also showing interest in the joint agricultural projects by introducing modern technologies and best practices. The companies in Poland are focusing on the production of finished food products, advanced processing of agricultural products, increasing the production of seed potatoes, and dairy products, and implementing projects by introducing energy-efficient, and eco-friendly technologies in the agriculture industry.

During the meeting, both Uzbekistan and Poland reached an agreement on creating a new joint working group to develop strategies for future cooperation in the agriculture sector. At the meeting, Piotr Serafin, Director General of the Polish National Center for Support of Agriculture, and parties also discussed possibilities of large companies in the agriculture sector in Poland in the investment projects in Uzbekistan.

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The meeting was held between Uzbekistan and ten companies from Poland operating in poultry, livestock, vegetable exports, agriculture engineering, intensive horticulture, and drip irrigation. The parties also discussed parameters and conditions for implementing joint projects in Uzbekistan in 2019. A delegation from Uzbekistan also visited various enterprises and departments in Poland in order to know the potential, activities, and production capacities.

Currently, Poland exports various products of machines, chemical industry, equipment, vehicles, and their spare parts. Both the parties also focused on various conditions for implementing the joint projects in 2019.

Owing to the shift of agricultural activities from manually or animal operated to advanced equipment is driving the demand for new agriculture equipment. Factors including time saving, government initiatives, are resulting in the increasing focus towards mechanization and investment in better agriculture equipment. Recently, there has been a rise in demand for small sized combined harvester from countries such as India and China, while large combine harvesters are witnessing growing demand in developed nations including Europe and North America.

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Several new schemes by governments in both developed and developing regions to provide financial support to farmers to buy agricultural equipment including tractors, harvesting equipment is also influencing entrepreneurship in the agriculture business, thereby, contributing to the significant growth in the combine harvesters market. the combine harvesters market is expected to surpass US$ 12,748 million by the end of 2026, owing to the increasing awareness and subsidized schemes provided by governments.

With increasing production of rice, there has been a growing preference for crawler combine harvesters, especially used for harvesting rice. However, high interest rates in various countries is hampering the ability of farmers to purchase agriculture equipment. Moreover, products exported to countries in the European Union need to comply with various regulations, thereby, restricting the export of various agriculture equipment including combine harvesters. Other factors including low replacement of equipment and high dependency on rain for irrigation in various countries is also likely to hamper the growth in the combine harvesters market.

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