Natural Food Additives Market to Reflect Impressive Expansion During 2018-2028


Natural Food Additives: Market Outlook

Food additives are certain substances that are added to the food products in order to maintain and improve its taste, safety, texture, freshness, appearance. There are certain food additives which are used for many centuries in order to preserve the food products such as sugar, salts (in dried fish and bacon), and sulfur dioxide (wine). Many such food additives have been developed in the recent times which helps to meet the need for food production, as large scale food production is different from small scale food production. Food additive is an important ingredient in the processed food, as it is required to ensure safety and good condition, throughout the journey of these food products from factories, to the consumers.

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The usage of food additives in a particular food product is justified when its usage has a particular technological need, to enhance the stability of the food products, and to preserve the nutritional quality of the food. Food additives can be derived from various sources such as animals, minerals, and plants. There are also various synthetic food additives available in the market. Few food additives that are used predominantly are thickening agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, gelling agents, coating agents, and others.

Natural food additives are made from various natural sources such as insects, plants, flowers, and fruits. A bigger fraction of natural food additives are flavoring agents. For example, a bright purple beetroot juice is used as a natural food additive in various food products and beverages such as sweet, yogurt, and some soft drinks. The demand for natural food additives are high due to the presence of health conscious consumers in the world.

Natural Food Additives and its Properties:

There are various types of natural food additives available in the market which has various functions, such as colorants, flavoring agents, preservatives, sweeteners, and stabilizing agents. The natural food additives should be approved by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, meaning that the agency approves the additive to be as safe and ethical for usage. Even the natural food additives should be used in smaller quantities and limited amount. The natural food additives should be used in the food products in order to satisfy any specific need or requirement. These additives should be affective post usage, meaning it should be able to maintain the safety and freshness.

There are certain natural colors which can be added as an additive, such as beta carotene. The beta carotene is a yellow pigment that is extracted from many vegetables and fruits. This is used to turn a margarine into a buttery yellow margarine. There are several other natural food additives similar to beta carotene used as an additive, such as chlorophyll, which is obtained from green plants in order to color nutritional supplements.

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Global Natural Food Additives Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants operating in the global natural food additives market identified across the value chain include Come Alive Organics, LLC, Palmer Holland, Inc., TRInternational, Inc., NuChem, The Cary Company, Applied Material Solutions, Florida Chemical Supply, Inc., Alfa Chemical Corp., Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp., Refractory Minerals Co., Inc., Jedwards International, Inc., among the other natural food additives manufacturers.

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