National Football League (NFL) Earned Around $1.39 billion in 2018 Through Sponsorship


During the 2018 season, National Football League (NFL) made around $1.39 billion due to sponsorship, with reports disclosing that there has been an increment in league-wide investment, which includes an increase in capital from the US gambling industry.

Although during the 2017-2018 season, TV ratings were less and there was a decrease in attendance, NFL could use positive growth into strong sponsorship growth. According to research, spending of sponsorships on National Football League & its thirty-two teams increased by around six percent to $1.32 billion in the 2017-18 season. Increase in revenue is credited to two basic factors: increased concentration on digital media at the team level & interest from the tech sector in national deals.

Furthermore, National Football League also earned two league sponsors in the past season, which are Amazon Web Services & Intel.

IEG which is a rights & sponsorship consultant reveals that the renowned ticketing platform in the United States – Ticketmaster, is the established brand because they have invested in almost all of the NFL profit during the 2018/19 campaign.

Some of the other high-esteemed brands are Bose, Budweiser, Microsoft, and, Gatorade, who have invested seventy, eighty-eight, seventy-three, and seventy-nine percent respectively in the National Football League.

But, sponsorship’s revival presently is due to many new league-wide alliances, which includes financing from several companies such as Sleep Number, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s.

Individuals will remember the present campaign as an achievement for the NFL post the US Supreme Court’s decision announced in May 2018, allowing the various franchises & league to make cash in sponsors who are gambling.

After the start of the 2019 New Year, NFL’s first-ever casino partner was Caesar’s Entertainment, who entered a deal which was of $30 million. Even though casinos are getting into top-tier agreements with professional football assets & teams, the firm also found out that sponsorship related to lottery & gaming was almost similar to the past season while fantasy league platforms are spending less on NFL.

IEG’s global managing director, Peter Laatz stated that National Football League & its teams have victoriously used the growing capability to sign gambling & betting partners. It enabled National Football League to resist the odds & expand the revenue of sponsorship by a decent amount coming from a season of decreasing ratings in 2017-18 & with no latest stadiums starting in 2018-19.

In other places, the greatest NFL investors in the season were several beer companies, who spent a minimum of four times more than any other segment. Telecom & automotive segments’ sponsors spent 4 times more, whereas technology & soft drink firms invested around 3 times on football.

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