Miller Electric Manufacturing Introduces Two New Products in the Respiratory Product Line


Cutting equipment and arc welding manufacturing firm, Miller Electric has recently introduced two latest products in the product line of respiratory. One of the product offerings, Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) comes equipped with light weight and adaptable in nature. It has a C50 Air Regulator which helps to cool the air up to fifty degrees Fahrenheit when it enters the helmet meant for welding. The product can be used with the latest BreatheAir Filtration System.

Miller’s Product Manager for welding safety and health, Brian Bellile stated that the SAR system offers cooling properties to reduce stress of hear and workers can wear it all-day long. They are very excited to introduce these new features to T94 Series line of products that will help to provide more comfort, excellent visibility and also will help to enhance efficiency in producing welding process.

The SAR system offers similar advantages likened to helmet accessories such as Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) when it is used with a T94i-R helmet. Furthermore, it has the ability to reduce the temperature of the air when it enters the safety helmet. The cooling down features prove advantageous for production process that are situated in high humidity and heat climates. Although PAPR solutions are beneficial for portable applications, SAR is helpful for welding in small areas.

The C50 Air Regulator is kept either vertically or horizontally on the belt of the welder to adjust with her or his movements of their bodies. The air hose connection that has a 360-degree swivel decreases coiling of the hose in order to decrease fall of operators.

Latest addition which is used besides the SAR system is the BreatheAir Filtration System, which is found in portable and stationary choices that supports either 2 or 4 operators. Compressed air gets converted into Grade-D breathing air during the three-stage filtration procedure simultaneously controlling carbon monoxide (CO) while it is being used, and also assuring workers’ safety and compliance. Furthermore, indicators in the system informs the wearers about the changing of the filter, so that they don’t have to guess and which helps to increase the performance of the unit. There are outer alarm lights and notifications which informs the wearer of increased CO levels.

SAR systems and T94i-R helmets can be used together, it comes equipped with a design to decrease strain on the collarbone and maximize the ability to wear it for the entire day. The Dualtec manifold process adjusts balance of the helmet and reduces noise and it also utilizes the six-point airflow distribution process to increase cool temperature with the aid of targeted air placement. The Miller T94 Series helmets has ClearLight Lens Technology, which adjusts clarity and contrast and light states to decrease strain on the eyes and improve visibility.

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