Hasbro Launches New Uglydolls Movie Toys


Ahead of the release of Uglydolls film, Hasbro has introduced new Uglydolls toys in the form of figures and playsets, in addition to the company’s line of plush toys. The company plans to show new toys at Toy Fair New York. The new Uglydolls figures introduce Kooky cast and each toy figure include envelope along with the sticker for kids to put the ugly and proud-of-it stamp.

The package also includes a mini comic book with short stories of the characters in the Uglydolls along with the collector’s guide that allow kids to check off the kookiest to-get the list of all Uglydolls. The company provides Uglydolls toys where kids can build the collection while receiving 1 out of the 12 characters in the series. The 12 characters in form of toys include Moxy, Babo, Ox, Ugly dog, Lucky bat, Tray, Nimah, Fingertoes, Minus, Fibby, and Uppy.

The company has also introduced Uglydolls squish and go assortment. In this assortment, each item includes a flexible outfit piece, which stretches over several figures size and shape. The pack also includes unexpected accessory pieces such as pretzel lasso and baguette sword. Two to collect includes Uglydolls squish and go sharwhal and babo, and Moxy and Peggy Uglydolls.

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Kids can also dress-up each character as inspired by the Uglydolls movie. The set of toys also includes outfit accessories for Uglydolls. Moreover, these accessory are designed in such a way that they can fit for other Uglydolls figures, this allows kids to share outfit accessories. The kids can also collect from six surprise disguise toys offered including Ox, Tray, Moxy, Wage, lucky bat, and Jeero.

The collection also includes a portable tote and main street set. This offers kids with unexpected delights and unfolds the adventure in the playset like slipping the letter in a mailbox and discovering a cookie in the takeout window. The set also includes a sticker sheet for customization. This set includes 3 Uglydolls figures along with the Turtle called Willard.

Increasing demand for soft and comfort creatures toys is resulting in the manufacturers to introduce new stuffed toys and plush toys made using cotton, fur, and sponge. Manufacturers are also focusing on new product development using new technology to improve safety and comply with imposed regulations on stuff toys production across various countries. The stuffed and plush toys market is projected to surpass US$ 11,000 million by 2026 end.

Manufacturers are designing and developing new stuffed toys including cartoon characters, and action figures as the growing demand for these toys owing to the new movies and cartoons being released globally. Companies in the stuff toys market are increasingly entering into collaborations with a focus on product innovation and incorporating new technologies including GPS and sensors, thereby, enabling parents to track children.

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However, in recent years owing to the choking hazard and other hazardous effects of stuff toys, governments in various countries have introduced new regulations which include testing of the products before launching in the global market in order to ensure safety.

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