Food Recalls in the United States Has Increased by 10% in Five Years


As per the report compiled by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), it states that food recalls in the United States has become more common in the recent years. Most of the recalls right from Honey Smacks cereal to Ritz crackers to romaine lettuce went up by ten percent from 2013-2018.

The most shocking part is poultry and meat recalls increased by over eighty percent. Poultry and meat falls under the Class I category, which ultimately means that eating them may even kill the person. A researcher, Adam Garber, of Public Interest Research Group and also the co-author stated that whether their food is dangerous or is becoming bad is not crucial. People in the US shouldn’t be worried if their food will send them to the ER or something worse happens to them.

The report findings suggest that from 2013 to 2018, processed and produce food recalls by the US Food and Drug Administration have risen by 2%. But, over the five years period, poultry and meat recalls from the US Department of Agriculture have risen by 83%. Poultry was leading the recall at 168, then beef at 137, and pork at eighteen. But the total 703 recalls in 2018 were nothing as compared to 905 in 2016.

Adam further stated that nowadays food is more infected even before it is consumed by the individuals. However, some protections ranging from farm to fork will protect the consumers from E. coli and salmonella.

As per the findings, at least 1 in 6 Americans falls ill after consuming food that is contaminated, which leads to approximately three thousand deaths every year.

2 different outbreaks of E. coli related to romaine lettuce led to more than a hundred people hospitalized and claimed the lives of five people. Moreover, in September 2018, 130,000 pounds of ground beef recall that was adulterated with E. coli claimed the life of one person. In July 2018, an individual lost his life after eating listeria infected ham.

Unfortunately, the report researchers were not able to pin point if the increase in recalls is due to improved technology that can find out contamination or increased bacteria in the supply of food.

Adam stated that there are 3 primary methods for firms to improve & to be held accountable when they put up contaminated food for sale. Firstly he explained that meat that there needs to be a ban on selling meat contaminated with salmonella. The Food Safety and Inspection Service lets the firms sell meat infceted with salmonella till the time that meat is meant to be prepared.

Adam’s second suggestion is for public health standards to be determined for the water utilized for the purpose of irrigation and sprayed on plants. He explained that the cause of the E. Coli’s outbreak in March 2018 was due to waste from a huge cattle factory farm that contaminated canals of irrigation. His third proposed point is that firms selling food after a case of recall should be punished and should frame food safety plans if they sell contaminated foods.

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