Focus on Environmental Sustainability in End-Use Industries fuels demand for Paper Sacks


Paper sacks is one of the packaging types which has been a key enabler for cost reduction for businesses, notably across the food and beverages industry. They are fast gathering traction in consumer as well as industrial markets. Rising interest in eco-friendly alternatives of end use businesses of the packaging industry has been propelling interest in the application of paper sacks. The use has attracted interest of packaging industries owing to an array of characteristics notably versatility, tear resistance, and an adaptable barrier property. The ease of sealability and the property of rapid filling and closing are some of the attractive propositions stoking the popularity of paper sacks in the end-use industries, including construction and food and beverages.

The global market for paper sacks is witnessing bright prospects and will see scores of new, exciting avenues in the coming years.

Industry making Conscious shift from Plastics to Paper in Packaging

Rising focus on environmental sustainability in end-use industries of packaging has been bolstering the demand for paper sacks. The recyclability and reusability of packaging made of paper is another compelling proposition driving the demand for paper sacks in these industries. Furthermore, in recent years, packaging made of plastics have cut huge flak in several countries across the world. This is imparting a solid impetus to the expansion of the paper sacks market. However, greater acceptability of paper sacks among end consumers is still far-fetched, owing to the lack of convenience.

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In the coming years, the rapid pace of industrialization and urbanization in various emerging economies is bolstering the prospects of the paper sacks market. Innovation in the market hinges on constant advancements in packaging materials and advances by manufacturing technologies. Industry efforts to improve the properties especially relating to barrier protection are expected to unlock promising prospects in the paper sacks market.

On the regional front, developed and developing regions are witnessing substantial uptake of paper sacks packaging in consumer and industrial markets.

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