Fitbit and One Drop Sign Diabetes Collaboration to Offer Enhanced Diabetic Services


Partnerships, collaborations and product launches continue to maintain the positive momentum of the healthcare industry globally. Growing prevalence of diabetes has led to healthcare companies to invest in innovative product development. According to a recently published new, Fitbit has signed a deal to collaborate with One drop in order to integrate their services for enhanced diabetic care.

Sealing the deal of collaboration, One drop and Fitbit will focus on developing devices that enables the diabetic patients to monitor and track data related to their physical fitness and activities. Through this collaboration, the glucose monitoring device that can be connected to the mobile, One drop will integrate the data tracking and collecting technology with the Fitbit watches and monitors. With the development of this device, the diabetic population can conveniently track the data, which will enable the end users to improve their health accordingly.

Access to the Glucose and Medication Information

The report further states that synchronizing the fitness related data with the One Drop mobile app will enable the end users to track their physical activities and its impact on their blood sugar level. Through this devices, the end users will be able to link their accounts on One Drop with the information collected through Fitbit. CEO of One Drop, Jeff Dachis stated that with the data on four important building blocks will enable the diabetic patients to monitor their glucose, medication, diet and exercise. Partnership of One Drop and Fitbit will allow the end users to offer fast and robust access to the information related to the patients. He further mentioned that the arrangement initiated with a conversation for few months. He further states that demand for the integration between One Drop and Fitbit among the end users had also contributed towards the collaboration among the companies.

Data Synchronization Enables Blood Sugar Management

Dachis stated that the diabetic patients could not access the information regarding the impact of their physical activities on their blood sugar levels. He said that the end users only could monitor information related to their fitness activities through different devices. However, with the collaboration and product development, the end users will now be able to access data related to their blood sugar levels and impact of their activities on the blood sugar levels through one device. He stated that with the collaboration, the tow companies are creating insights that will enable the end users to make better choices, running predictive analysis through the cloud technology and compile all the data in one device.

The news also reveals that the company One Drop already enables the end users to pair the information related to the fitness of the end user with the Apple Watch. One Drop will now synchronize related data between the Apple Watch and Fitbit with a significant share of the wearable devices market. Moreover, Fitbit is focusing on the developing an application for its new Ionic watch.

Dachis stated that the Ionic watches will be launched in the early 2018. He further mentioned that the company wanted to ensure that the people who are using the Fitbit devices for tracking their physical activities had the access to features that enabled the end users to bring the data incorporate that data into One Drop and make it a useful device for managing prediabetes and diabetes.

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