Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Market 2025: Top Key Players Liebherr Group, Altech Industries


Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane Market: Introduction

Crane with multiple girder or single girder bridge having a fixed or movable hoisting mechanism & travelling on a fixed structure with almost all or most of the functions powered by electric motors is Electric Overhead travelling Crane. Electric overhead cranes are generally used for moving materials in power stations, assembly lines, production halls, construction sites and similar sectors and their design vary according to motion type, type of load & weight etc.

Electric Overhead travelling Cranes are mainly classified into three categories- Top running double girder bridge cranes, top running (T/R) single girder bridge cranes and under running (U/R) single girder bridge cranes. Further they are classified as gantry cranes, monorails, and single and double girder cranes. Single bridge crane’s trolley run on bottom flange of the bridge girder and have one supporting bridge girder while double bridge girder crane’s trolley runs on top flange of the bridge girder and have two bridge girder to support. In gantry electrical cranes the trolley is supports by multiple legs fixed on runways or rails. Monorail cranes only have trolley hoist and they do not require bridge girder to support. Monorail electrical cranes are generally used in production service lines and assembly lines.

Electrical overhead travelling cranes are majorly used in Mining Industry, steel manufacturing industries, Iron smelting, Motor vehicle manufacturing, port operations and construction industry. Electrical Overhead Travelling cranes have crucial use on port and shipyard for container handling.

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Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane Market: Dynamics

Increasing migration of people to urban area leads to demand of new residence and requirement of efficient transport facilities, which in term led to sizable rise of Infrastructure project and escalating demand of Electric overhead travelling crane market.

Increasing construction project around the world is expected to drive the market of Electric overhead travelling crane in coming years.  Growing wind energy projects around the globe will require EOT (Electric overhead travelling) cranes for their installation and thus have huge opportunities in off shore and on-shore. The use of EOT in heavy industry segments such as metallurgy, engineering equipment as well as automobiles in lifting and transferring heavy weighted loads from one point to another has been another prominent end use of EOT cranes owing to its efficient load bearing and maneuvering capabilities.  The product has also witnessed a significant amount of use in inland ports and other areas of sea logistics

Improved global economic condition has increased investment in infrastructure projects which has fueled demand of bridges thus driving the market of cranes. Double Girder bridge crane is in trend nowadays as they can lift comparatively heavy loads for longer span. There rigid construction make them useful in extreme conditions like lifting molten melts etc.

However, its cost and installation complexity is obstructing the market of Electric overhead travelling crane to some extent. Also, use of mobile cranes are more preferred as the new cranes are costly hence it’s a crucial factor hindering the market of Electric overhead travelling cranes.

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane Market: Segmentation

Segmentation of Electric Overhead travelling (EOT) Crane Market by type:

Single Girder Cranes

Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Gantry Cranes


Segmentation of Electric Overhead travelling (EOT) Crane Market by configuration:

Top Running (T/R)

Under Running (U/R)

Segmentation of Electric Overhead travelling (EOT) Crane Market by application:

Construction & infrastructure Industry

Mining Excavation industry


Shipping & boarding Industry


Oil & Gas Industry

Other Industrial

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane Market: Regional Outlook

Asia pacific is the dominating region and will continue to see potential growth of Electric Overhead travelling Crane owing to infrastructure development activities in South East Asia. Developing countries China and India are the major contributors due to growing public and private sectors along with residential and commercial sectors.  Also, developing offshore oil & gas sector in India and China will grow demand of Crane.

Mid East Africa is expected to see promising growth of Electric Overhead travelling Crane due to increasing number of projects by government to build flyovers and dams.

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Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane Market: Key Players

Harrington Hoists Inc.

Columbus Mckinnon Corporation


K2 Cranes

Uesco Cranes

KONE Cranes


Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd.

Terex Corporation

Liebherr Group

Altech Industries

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