Concrete Floating Floors System Market | Key Players are FARRAT , PAROC , Vibro acoustics , Kinetics LSM , GERB vibration control systems.


Concrete floating floors system is used to reduce the noise which is caused by the external factors and also provides resistance against vibrations and impacts. A well designed room requires a proper insulation from these factors so they follow a box – in – box structure which contains floors, ceilings and the jacks which are installed at every square of this design and then this whole system is filled with concrete and the concrete floating floors system gets ready and provides a strong and immune floors for the rooms. These systems have got a wide range of applications, and almost every floor is a floating type in which a wide variety of jacks which can be made from different materials are used. Concrete floating floors system  provide safety and a good base to the rooms. The concrete floating floors system can be constructed by using jacks whose suspenders are made of rubber and concrete and raised at the time of constructing them or can be installed first on the floor and then raising them by using some specially designed jacks later.

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Concrete floating floor systems are used in buildings to protect them from the vibrations caused by trains and subways as it insulates the buildings from these noises. LDS isolators are used to provide insulation from these external factors which are attached to it. It also provides isolation from the sound caused by aircraft. Special spring based LDS systems are used to provide this kind of insulation. Concrete floor systems are also used to provide the isolation from the impacts caused by moving carts or breaking of dishes or some other external factors. These are the driving forces for using concrete floating floors system, and it gains popularity because of its high efficiency and versatility. One of the restraints of using concrete floating floors systems is its installation cost and the need of skilled labors and designers who can properly design and implement the flooring structure.

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