Adjustable Power Resistor Market Key Players : C&H Technology, Inc., Panasonic, Vishay Intertechnology


Adjustable Power Resistor Market: Overview

The adjustable power resistors come with multiple mounting options and are a high-quality precision electrical heating component. In order to reduce the dissipation due to the vast amount of power distribution and hazardous failure conditions, the raw materials which are used in manufacturing adjustable power resistors are of high thermal conductivity. The adjustable power resistors are made from the material that consists of high thermal conductivity and offers efficient cooling. Manufacturers of adjustable power resistors are focusing on developing different types of technologies in adjustable power resistors such as wire wound resistors, non-inductive resistors, load banks resistors, grid power resistors, etc. that are used for industrial applications. Therefore, they are focusing on research and development in order to provide better quality resistors. The adjustable wire wound resistors are one of the most popular variants in the market that is expected to create a massive demand in the industrial electronics market.

Adjustable power resistors have witnessed consistent evolution in the recent years. Nowadays, the vendors in operating in the adjustable power resistor market are aiming more on developing adjustable power resistors that dissipate a huge amount of power with smaller size. However, the wire wound adjustable power resistors are in relatively higher demand as preferred to variable resistors for military and industrial applications. Additionally, these adjustable power resistors are being developed by prominent manufacturers in a bid to offer high-quality resistors. Demand for adjustable power resistors for various industrial applications will continue to be a key trend influencing the growth of the adjustable power resistor market.

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Adjustable Power Resistor Market: Dynamics

The adjustable power resistors are reliable and long lasting resistors. It is made of high thermal conductivity material that prevents the risk of circuit damage, or failure is the key factors driving the adoption of adjustable power resistor across the globe. Also, the adjustable power resistors are low cost and efficient. These factors are highly contributing to the growth of the adjustable power resistor market.

However, if the power ratings of adjustable power resistors go above their specified power rating may result in highly exothermal conditions which can be a crucial factor that can hamper the growth of adjustable power resistor market.

There is a huge adoption of adjustable power resistor in locomotives, elevators, etc. which is one of the latest trends in the adjustable power resistor market.

Global Adjustable Power Resistor Market: Segmentation

Segmentation Overview

The adjustable power resistor market can be segmented on the basis of construction, resistor mounting, application, and region. On the basis of construction, the wirewound resistor construction in adjustable power resistor market is most widely used in industrial applications. Also, these resistors are commonly used in industrial applications such as locomotives, battery chargers, power supplies, conveyors, etc.

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Global Adjustable Power Resistor Market: Competition Landscape

Examples of some of the key players in the global adjustable power resistor market are C&H Technology, Inc., Panasonic, Vishay Intertechnology, TE Connectivity, Ohmite Manufacturing Company, Radwell International Inc, Huntington Electric Inc, ABB Ltd, Heine Resistors GmbH, Renfrew Electric, etc.

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